The Church Experience
 (Survey: What Do Others Say? How do Visitors Feel?) 

  1. In the end, what will people say about their experience at your church? 
  2. How effective is the overall experience your church leaders are creating for its members?
  3. Does your vision match the events you have planned? 
  4. Are you serving your target Market? 
  5. Do you have a plan to measure growth and development? 
  6. Do you offer a variety of musical presentations in your worship opportunities?
  7.  Have you change with the times of the land? 
  8. Do you use technology and forward thinkers to lead Your ministries.
  9. Do you offer worship opportunities to the youth at your church? 
  10. What community events do you offer? 
  11. Do you provide online worship opportunities? 
  12. Do you engage with your supporters consistently? 
  13. Do you have church Communications Plan? 
  14. Do you meet regularly with your core church team? 
  15. Do members feel connected to your Ministry? 

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