Church Communications for Pastors & Leaders by Portia Chandler

Church Communications for Pastors & Leaders

Master Church Communications In No Time


Learn the art of communicating with your church members, staff, and visitors. The class will meet virtually. This is a live Mentorship/Class. At the end of 120 days you should be able to look back over your networks and see growth, brand awareness, exposure, and have a deeper understanding of Church Communications & how to continuing developingYour Church Brand/ Culture off Your Church.

  1. What is Church Communications
  2. Importance of Church Communications 
  3. Who should manage Church Communications 
  4. Software that makes Church Communications Better 
  5. Social Media for Churches 
  6. Church Growth Hacks: The Power of Volunteerism
  7. Church Brand & Consistency 
  8. Free Tools for online marketing 
  9. The Power of Your Church Website 
  10. Simplified Giving & Fundraising | The Art of Storytelling
  11. Church PR, Event Planning & Marketing (Purpose, Budget, Speakers) 
  12. The Power of Video for Churches 
  13. Building: Core Teams & An Online Presence (not social media presence) 
  14. The Church Experience (Survey: What Do Others Say? How do Visitors Feel?) 

What's included?

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Introduction to Church Communications
Chapter One
Chapter Two:
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve:
Chapter Thirteen:
Chapter Fourteen:

Church Marketing Made Simple.

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