Church Marketing Made Simple.

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Church Communications for Pastors & Leaders

Learn the art of communicating with your church members, staff, and visitors. The class will meet virtually. This is a live Mentorship/Class. At the end of 120 days you should be able to look back over your networks and see growth, brand awareness, exposure, and have a deeper understanding of Church Communications & how to continuing developingYour Church Brand/ Culture off Your Church. What is Church Communications Importance of Church Communications  Who should manage Church Communications  Software that makes Church Communications Better  Social Media for Churches  Church Growth Hacks: The Power of Volunteerism Church Brand & Consistency  Free Tools for online marketing  The Power of Your Church Website  Simplified Giving & Fundraising | The Art of Storytelling Church PR, Event Planning & Marketing (Purpose, Budget, Speakers)  The Power of Video for Churches  Building: Core Teams & An Online Presence (not social media presence)  The Church Experience (Survey: What Do Others Say? How do Visitors Feel?) 
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